It is important for any organisation anywhere in the world to have a solid environmental policy. The reasons for this may vary and could simply boil down to the fact that government regulations require them to have one. On the other hand, there are also many organisations that attach a great deal of importance to having such a policy.


One thing is for sure: no organisation can do without a proper policy on environmental issues.


Quo Vadit is an environmental consultancy firm, which offers a wide range of services but is highly specialised in issues in the so-called grey area. This means that Quo Vadit mainly focuses on management and policy-oriented issues relating to the environment. It offers consultancy services in the field of environmental law, government regulations and subsidies. These are put into practice by means of advisement, project management, subsidy scans and training.


Quo Vadit is an environmental consultancy firm specialised in a wide range of issues, including advisement on waste and waste-related problems, law-enforcement, communication and the implementation of ISO-14001 requirements, to name but a few!


Project management
Quo Vadit can offer support and contribute to any project within your organisation that occupies itself with environmental policy and management issues. If necessary, Quo Vadit can even provide on-site support.


Quo Vadit is able to provide training courses on a wide range of environmental issues. These include: · Courses on issues in the field of national and international environmental law. · Courses aimed at raising staff awareness for the need for a foolproof environmental policy. These courses are suitable for any type of organisation, as they are fully tailor-made.


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